Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blogging Break is officially over!

Well I sure did need a break but I am refreshed and rejuvenated and jumping up and down excited to be back - did ya miss me?

Life got really hectic last week - we entered into negotiations to buy a new car and you know what that is like...lol! We ended up trading in our 2002 Saturn SL1 for a 2007 Saturn Ion - isn't it pretty! I snagged this pic from the net as I haven't had time to take pics of ours - but this is what it looks like the color is 'Storm', so look out here I come! It`s been interesting to get used to as we previously drove a standard and we`re now in an automatic. I think our DS enjoys it a lot, less to do while driving....lol!
I`ve been knitting a lot of dishcloths lately and I`ve been really slacking on my other knitting. My MIL`s shawl is sitting all alone in my bedroom feeling neglected as is a scarf I started for my Mom and an afghan that is seriously pouting in my closet and its really hoping to be done before Christmas...yikes! What`s up with that? I think it is partly to do with the fact that I have all the new Peaches and Cream yarn and I just love the fact that the cloths are done lickety split - I`ll have to get seriously motivated to get my Christmas knitting done. Oh, well to be fair some of the dish cloths are for Christmas.....so technically I am still working on that goal..:P!

The Contest ends tonight at midnight so I`ll be up all night tallying up the winners scores. I was so impressed with the creativeness and the regular reminders that people snuck into their daily blogs. I was initially going to give a second and third prize away and I`ve decided that I have too much on my plate, but I think we should give a bonus prize to the person with the saddest dishcloths. I`ll allow you to vote tomorrow for this bonus prize! Check back to vote and to see who the winner of this craaaaaaazy contest will be.


  1. I have another post about the contest. I meant to do it last week, but ran out of time, as it was a crazy one here as well. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  2. Oh yeah, nice car. I love getting new vehicles, the smell, the newness, the cleanness. Hate the payments, but love new vehicles.

  3. I do hope you can put a woman who is in her 'Twilight' years' out of her misery :shock: No the vet - refused :lol: Alas she is soooo in neeeed of some "Dishcloths" and I am sure you will have compassion for her husband Sirdar :cry: and the kids :cry: and the pets :cry: and the donkeys :cry: as they have to endure the shame :oops: of this 'Twilight of grey hairs' placing her 'alleged' dishcloths on a washing line 24/7 for all to see :oops:

    I feel sure you will offer 'immediate' assistance and delivery by courier would be okay as the 'Twilight Happy Dancer' can pay extra ;)

    Oh, yes - you need the name of 'Twilight - Rocking Chair Blues'

    her name is "DAWN" of


    Please do 'hurry' as one cannot allow such abuse of 'alleged' dishcloths to continue :cry:

    Yours from an innocent and much stressed neighbour from over a thousand + miles away :P

  4. Dawn is forcing all her readers to come to your blog and make a case for her. Unfortunately, she just IS a case. A head case. :-)


    (She made me say that too....)

  5. I left my commentin the post below. You really need to read it! LOL! Love the car! Hope your life slows down! Take care!

  6. Nice care and Dawn forced me here too. :D Ok maybe force was too strong of a word. ;)

  7. Sigh, I guess, I just don't have the readership to qualify. I was just so busy trying to get George and the boys to help rescue you.

    But gee, after that great swap gift, I think you are all set for some knitting this winter!

  8. I have a 2003 Ion that is almost paid off. It is the best car Ive ever owned. I wondered what happened to you. Nice to have you back and thanks for the birthday wishes:)