Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas a different gift giving option...

My DH just wrote a post about the new child we adopted through CCCI that is Christian Child Care International - he has written quite extensively but I thought I'd give it a boost too as I'm very happy with their accountability and cost saving measures and their dedication to helping all children have an education and a good quality of life.

After reading the post he wrote I found out there are more ways we can help other than making a monthly commitment to sponsor a child. I like that I can go there and buy mosquito nets for people in need, a stove for a family or even sheep and chickens. Even more exciting is that you can buy this in someone else's name as a gift. Do you have a hard to buy for person, someone who has everything. If you buy a gift on behalf of someone else they will get a card that tells them exactly what was bought and the difference it will make to the person/community.

So you could make a difference this Christmas! Not only would you be helping people in need not with just another 'charitable' gift but actually giving people what they need to get a leg up in the world. Imagine what a pair of breeding rabbits would do for a community or a dental and doctor visit for a child. These are just a few of the things you can buy from their catalog. You can do all that and even get a tax receipt for your generosity.

This is just another way we can give thanks for our blessings and share our abundances with others.

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  1. What a fabulous idea. We sponsor a child in New York. We have friends in Guatemala who are there are missionaries (Zaakistan and Ambercita on my blog roll). Zaak did a post the other day on the stoves they are putting in people's homes. Without the stoves, they have open fires, and the smoke fills the home. They spend a great portion of time and income on firewood, so the stoves are a great help.

    What an awesome idea to give on behalf of someone. A wonderful post to help others in need.