Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Pink Lemonade Washcloth

With some of that lovely Peaches and Cream yarn I got in my swap package I have knit myself a facecloth and crocheted a ruffled edging on it. Isn't it pretty? I even used my Addi Turbos to knit the cloth - I think I can get used to circulars - these ones don't snag the yarn at all as it transfers from the cable holder to the needles.

Dawn from Colours of Dawn won the DishCloth For A Year Give-A-Way! Now you can vote on who is most deserving of a dishcloth go here to vote now! The person with the most votes will get a knitted dishcloth sent to them.


  1. very nice - I like the pattern the yarn makes... all by itself!

  2. I knew I'd convert you to circulars! Nice washcloth!