Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random Thoughts on Wednesday...

-I found this link to Christmas Tour of Homes at A Spot of T and you just know that I am going to have to participate, Christmas is my all time favorite season - and it isn't just because I was born in December!

-It's snowing out today and it's such a beautiful gentle snowfall and I just want to snuggle with a big mug of tea and a good book or some knitting. It truly feels like Christmas is coming, I want to listen to carols and put up the tree.

-Replacing honey for sugar in tea is quite a treat and such a smooth taste.

-I've wasted more time at work making gift boxes today, why are they so addicting to make?

-Busyness, oy! I've been so busy working on Christmas gifts I rarely have time to blog.

-Did I mention that year end is a busy time too - I've just prepared the envelopes for next year! The next thing will be finalizing year end and preparing tax receipts.

-Our home team is in the Grey Cup Finale - Go Riders Go! This is their first time competing against a rival prairie team and we're confident they'll be successful!

-Time to plan a Grey Cup party - get the menu planned and buy some beer, Rickard's Red here I come.

-It bugs me when other people use my tea mug at work!

-I get really annoyed when people leave rude comments - honestly if you don't have anything nice to say then you should just shuddupa your face!

Like I said just a bunch of randomness.


  1. Yeah - what was with that nasty comment the other day? - Some people!

  2. I agree about the rude comments thing. I try to say positive things, but even in really life I can confuse people and not have them understand what I am saying.

    Hubby was cheering for the Riders this weekend, and will be cheering for them on the coming up weekend when we go to my sisters for the big par-tay.

    We haven't had snow that stays and it is suppose to warm up by the weekend again, but after that, I think we will have winter.