Friday, November 16, 2007

We have Snow!!!

Yes, we have some snow now. We got a small amount of snow in the last few days and it hasn't completely melted and it looks like we have more coming tonight and tomorrow! We have been really lucky so far, some years we have it before Halloween.

It looks like Life in Westcliffe has won the pity dishcloth, you can contact me at mrs_tea_mouse at hotmail dot com with your mailing address and I'll get a cloth in the mail to you today!

I had a great relaxing evening last night - after coming home to a mess my DS had made after he was angry about his chore list....(he slammed the fridge door, not realizing a jar of candied cherries I had in there had a loose lid.....let me just say one word STICKY) after that I was ready to relax indeed. Me and Oliver snuggled up on the couch as I watched the recorded episodes of All my Children that I've missed for the last 5 days and I worked on 'believe it or not' the DS's afghan...I'm almost at the half way point....yay!

So far the plans for the weekend should keep me pretty busy - we I am dog sitting for my MIL while she goes to a birthday party. So I'll have to wrangle entertain two dogs for a few hours as DH has a weekend obligation that will keep him from home.

I plan on getting my butter tarts made..........mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm!

I hope to get a hair color in my hair - hopefully it's not as itchy this time. My hairdresser told me a little trick to help with it that I'm going to try(you add a packet of sweet and low artificial sweetener to the dye), apparently this works on even the most sensitive of scalps, so we'll see.

Then if there is any time left - I will of course be knitting and crocheting.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am jealous of your snow - it's about 75 degrees here today...

  2. Isn't snow just beautiful at the beginning of the winter? Not at all like the disgusting grayish mess in March!

  3. I'll email you my snail mail address. Can't wait to see your handiwork. I can wait to get some moisture, it's dry as a bone here and way to warm.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your contest.

  4. Wow, our snow hasn't stayed. I can imagine the sticky mess. That is interesting about the sweet n low. Hope you got all done and were able to knit some.