Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When the Postman rings twice...

The other day I was at work and enjoying a nice cup of soup in our lunch room when I heard the doorbell. Of course I am on my lunch hour and I don't want to be bothered by questions some kind parishioner may have. I just continued to eat my lunch and enjoy a bit o' knitting as I sipped a nice cup of hot tea.

After all the sign out front clearly states our office hours - so why ring the bell?

Once I was done my lunch I resumed my work for the afternoon, about ten minutes into my afternoon the doorbell rang once again. There was the scariest postman I have ever seen. He looked like he hadn't seen a razor, or a shower in over a week. He glared at me with scary black eyes and slammed my parcel down on the spare office desk! He didn't say a word, just glared at me with his beady little eyes. If looks could kill...well you get my drift.

I felt like I had been transported into a Stephen King horror flick! If I get impaled by a letter opener you'll know who the culprit is - (scary ass postman - with the beady black eyes).


  1. Eek! Sounds frightening indeed. Hope you didn't open the package...it might be booby-trapped.

  2. That does sound scary. I worry about postmen, you know how they tend to go postal. You probably don't need to worry, they usually go postal at the mail station where they stop in at work.