Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Humor and Frustration

Ok first some Christmas Humor:

A little boy named Tommy wanted a red wagon for Christmas.
He thought and thought about how he could write a letter to Santa.
He thought about this a lot, he didn't want to leave anything to chance so
he decided he'd write his letter to Jesus instead.
He started off like this "Dear Jesus, if you give me a red wagon for
Christmas. I will be good for one whole year." As he wrote the words down
he began to think, a year is equal to 365 days. I've never been good that long
before. He started again. "Dear Jesus, if you give me a red wagon for Christmas
I'll be good for a whole month." Again he thought to himself a month is
really a long time. It was a month until Christmas and that seemed like it was
very far away. He erased and started over. "Dear Jesus, if you give me a red
wagon for Christmas, I'll be good for one whole week." Now Tommy was getting nervous
after all the thoughts of behaving, he'd never been that good at behaving. He tried again.
"Dear Jesus, I would like a red wagon for Christmas. If you give me a red wagon, I promise
to be good for one ENTIRE day!" Phew, he was certain he could do it and then he remembered
how he always got into some trouble every day and he always heard "TOMMMMMY" at least
once a day. Ok, he had it now the perfect plan.
He went downstairs to the living room and carefully took the Mary statue that they
kept on the prayer table. He wrapped it carefully in some towels and he began to write again.
"Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again, you'll make sure I have a red
wagon under the tree for Christmas, signed Tommy."

Now for the frustration.

I was almost finished my DS's afghan last night - just 3 rows to go and I ran out of one of the colours. I didn't just run out of any colour - oh no! I ran out of the colour that I have to buy a whole pound of yarn for....lucky me! I guess I'll be doing some more black projects in the future.


  1. Cute story! Knitting in black sucks!

  2. Funny story, the creation of a felon. I can understand your frustration; at least you can use it for something else.