Friday, December 07, 2007

Pocket Book Slipper Progress

I finished one of the slippers I'm making for my DD last night. I decided to add a button hole on the strap and attach a button. I'm very happy with how they turn out, except I have big feet that are wide and for me it's a task to get them to fit so I may have to make mine a bit larger if I can figure out how to do so. This green is one of the colours in the afghan I made her for Christmas.

I worked on the one for my DS last night and I have about 20 rows left to go and it's done...thank goodness. I'll take updated pictures of it's progress later today. It's grown a lot since and I love how the colours are working up together.


  1. These are so fun to make don't you think? I'm glad you put me on to this pattern.

  2. Those are very cute. I have not seen them before. I assume they are called pocket book slippers because you can slip them in a pocket book to take with you.