Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 33 - what I've been up too lately

Life has been crazy busy and I just haven't gotten around to blogging like I usually do and I just haven't felt so creative, so to save you from horrendously boring posts I've been doing all this other stuff:

1. Recovering from a nasty cold virus. It started out with a vicious sore throat and then moved from a cough to a sinus cold.....Achoo!

2. I helped organize and run a santa market for our parish. It was a lot of fun even though I was sick through it all. It was so nice to see the big smiles on the kids faces as they shopped for their family members. Thankfully I was a cashier and I didn't have to wrap as we had some kids buying arms full of goodies - and why not at the very reasonable price of .25/!

3. On Saturday when I got home I just crashed and had a two hour nap - I think my body was demanding I take the much needed rest.

4. After the long sleep we had it was time to set up the Christmas trees and get them decorated. For the first time ever we had two trees to set up and decorate. The kids did the one in the basement and DH and myself did the one upstairs. It's a 71/2 pre lit tree with LED lights. It has a ton of lights and it's so pretty! I didn't get all my decorating done so this weekend we will have to put up the green boughs and other decorations.

5. I've been finishing up some of my Christmas shopping, now I only have two more gifts to buy...yay!

6. I am still knitting like a mad woman. I finished a pair of pocket book slippers for my mom in a nice red(her favorite colour) and I stared a pair in a grass green. With this pair I want to try doing a button hole on the strap and putting a funky button on it...this pair will probably be for my DD.

7. Dishcloths are getting behind. Every time I turn around I find that there are more people I want to make them for and I'm running out of time! I feel like I'm a knitting machine. I finally had to take away my Christmas countdown from my Facebook account as it kept reminding me of how fast time is going by....oh yeah and I've been on my Facebook account a bit. I have four scrabble games going with my friend and one with my sis!

8. We had DH's parents over for his birthday on Monday. I ended up buying his cake on the way home as I was just too worn out and sick to make one, plus this bakery makes the best cakes! Even though I wasn't feeling good I enjoyed that cake!

9. We've been getting little bits of snow every day and we have been playing around with the new snowblower. I actually got to use it last night - it works great, but my hands were getting cold - maybe I need some ski!

10. I took my DD out shopping last night, she is having a formal next week and she needed a nice dress. I saw one right away that caught my eye and it looked great on her. She said it was a breath stopping dress because I stopped breathing when I saw her in it. It did take my breath away, she is turning into a young lady and it seems like it's happening over night.

11. I've started watching my Christmas movies/t.v. specials. It's fun to do while working on my knitting projects.

12. Christmas baking - thankfully I am almost done. I didn't quite make my deadline of having it all done by the end of November, but I only have two more things to make. I also have some holiday Rice Krispies that are just screaming to be made into rice krispie treats.....I still love those, what a big kid I am.

13. We had my DD's Improv Games to attend last week. She had so much fun and it was so much fun to watch. Unfortunately they didn't make it to the final round but they were competing against the Grade 10's and 11's as the junior spots were full. I was quite proud to see her up there in front of everyone.

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  1. Great Thursday post! Come see mine before everyone drinks it!

  2. Well at least you are on the mend. Wow, you really do get a lot done ahead of time. I am more of the in the moment type person, you know the night before.

    Keep taking naps! They are a wonderful thing and shouldn't be wasted on babies.

    I am still knitting away and will try to get three more hats done, 2 simple, 1 ear flap. Got to get off the computer to do that. Have a good weekend.

  3. I'm exhausted from just reading your list! You've been busy! :-)

    My Thursday Thirteen: 13 men who give me impure thoughts.

  4. Yikes you've got a lot going on! I hope you can find some time to just take care of you in all that.

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better. We had a nasty cold thing going around here - I swear it took a good 2 months to leave.

    And I love naps! Happy TT!

  6. I hope you get over all that cold stuff! I can't believe you have done so much while you are sick. At least you can multi=task by watching television while you knit!!
    Happy holidays to you.
    This Eclectic Life

  7. I love the color coded entries!

    TT Love Scenes:

  8. Great post! I love your blog! Please feel free to stop by mine, and have a happy TT! P.S. Where are you in Canada? I'm in Winnipeg Manitoba.

  9. I'd love to have a snowblower...we could really use it here.
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    Great T13, mine is up.

  10. First, get well. I just got over the same thing. Tired is right. You look like you are way too busy. I am impressed that you only have two more gifts to buy for Christmas. Wish I could say the same. Have a great TT. :)

  11. Two Christmas trees! Wow you really are into the spirit! Glad your feeling better.

  12. I hope you get completely over that cold.

  13. So glad you are feeling better. I hate those nasty colds.

    Pop on over and see my 13 and enter my contest.

  14. Sounds like you are crazy busy. I hope you are feeling better. It is really terrible being sick when there is so much to do.