Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #34 - All about Christmas

With 12 days to Christmas here are some of my favorite Christmas foods, memories and more!

1. I love homemade cabbage rolls. When I grew up my mom would make them with rice and hamburger and if we were lucky sour cabbage. When I met my DH his family prepared them a more traditional Ukranian way of just rice, onion and butter for filling. His mom cuts the cabbage leaves in half and she rolls up the tiniest cabbage rolls ever and they just melt in your mouth!

2. Perogies are another family favorite. My favorite way is with cheese and potato but I have bought some from the Ukranian Co-Op that had just cottage cheese and they were quite good. Homemade is best followed by homemade ones purchased at the co-op and if all else fails Cheemo are really good for store bought.

3. Christmas music. I love listening to Christmas music. This year I tried to listen to it in November and I just didn't enjoy it, I've been listening to some daily since the beginning of December and it's so relaxing.

4. Baking -Whether I'm making it or eating it, it's good fun. My favorite Christmas baking has got to be Jam Jam's followed closely by butter tarts and whipped shortbread.

5. Snow - It's beautiful and relaxing to watch fall softly down and it's a lot of fun to get out and enjoy by going tobogganing or even just a walk in the park. I love to hear the snow crunch under my

6. Gift giving is so much fun. I love to watch people open their gifts and see the reaction on their faces - it's the best feeling ever.

6. My favorite gift as a child was the box of barbie clothes that my mom had sewed for me. I was thrilled with all the outfits. My Barbie was the envy of all my friends when I brought her trunk full of clothes along to play.

7. The year I disliked Christmas the most was the year I turned 15. I remember sitting at the table and thinking I have no Christmas spirit - I was truly a grinch that year. It must have been a teenaged moody thing.

8. I love Christmas stockings - it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. Santa wraps up each item individually and it's a lot of fun to open and watch everyone open theirs.

9. Hearing everyone say Merry Christmas after Midnight mass and sending and receiving Christmas cards.

10. Cold winter nights snuggled up inside where it's warm watching Christmas movies!

11. Decorating! I'll never forget the first time I saw DH's parent's home all decorated for Christmas. It was a truly amazing site. It looked like the North Pole. We carried on this tradition and one year we had my Granny over and she was thrilled with all the decorations and she said it really was a Christmas wonderland!

12. The Annual Christmas Light Drive - this was/is always good fun!

13. All the quality family time - dinner with family - Christmas parties with friends and co-workers all the wonderful merriement that goes along with the Christmas season. Family game time as we play games on Christmas day as the smell of turkey roasting wafts through the air....good times indeed.

I wish you and your's a very Merry Christmas !

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  1. I love lefse and lutefisk (just one small bite) on Christmas... a Norwegian custom. :)

  2. mmm...cabbage rolls...mmmm...

  3. Wow! We have a lot in common! That is so similar to my Christmas and memories! My husband is Ukrainian, and so Perogies and Cabbage Rolls are a "must" at every gathering. Hope your Christmas is a great one!

  4. Send some of that delicious food here! And some snow while your at it.

  5. I love perogies and cabbage rolls too. I make the tiny little Ukrainian ones with quarter leaves and just a little hamburger. I have home made sour cabbage for them. I make perogies sometimes too, but it is hard to fit it in. My sister makes them for the family dinner. And Nalysnyki, our daughter makes that.

    I love all the baking, both doing and eating as well.

    I love all the get togethers with family and friends too.

    Funny, I am planning to do a similar post next week, but more in the lines of why I like winter so some of your things will be on my list.

  6. My sister in law's family makes the perogies and cabbage rolls, but your mother in law's sounds delectable.

    What a happy post! It is nice to have snow in December to have it look like Christmas.

    I just bookmarked the gingersnap recipe, I hope to find time this weekend to make them.

  7. I don't know what a perogie is but your paragraph #2 sort of makes them seem rather tasty!

  8. We don't have homemade pierogies & cabbage rolls (gwumpkies ???) for Christmas any more, but you brought back fond memories of my childhood - thanks!

  9. Great Christmas Favorites list!

    I love your blog design! Very pretty!