Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #35 Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas - I scoured the www and found out some fun sites for you to check out, enjoy!

1. Can you guess these Christmas Carols from the pictures - great to print off for a Christmas party.

2. Another Christmas Carol quiz - guess these ones from a short descriptive sentence...also great for a Christmas social.

3. Christmas Carols - Ever want to do a sing-a-long and you can't remember the words. Here are the lyrics for several Christmas carols.

4. Christmas fun- Games, puzzles, jokes and more.

5. Christmas Crafts for kids - Have some kids to keep busy, here are a few fun crafts that they might enjoy.

6. Northpole - This site has it all from recipes to crafts and more.

7. Fun Christmas Coloring Pages

8. Elf Yourself - or your friends

9. Decorate and send a free Ecard

10. Christmas Movie List - with reviews

11. Wife Saver Breakfast recipe

12. Homemade Gift Ideas - Still have someone to get a gift for, check out some of these unique ideas and avoid the crazy shopping malls.

13 Pop Bubble Wrap - Looking for a stress buster? Why not go and pop some bubble wrap with this virtual bubble wrap popping site.

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  1. Hello my friend...Long time no hear:) Those are some great sites. I have elfed myself, it was loads of fun:) Great list. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Its always nice to see you.

  2. Hi, cool list!! A couple years ago I found the norad tracks santa website and I usually go there every year. I did a TT, it's here:

  3. Even though Im back from vacation and feeling blah, I took some time to post for my friends on my wordpress blog!

    ! Come take a look, and visit my cruise pictures! myspace/maydakmom

  4. Thanks for the great list - I wasted all sorts of time making elves out of myself and the rest of the family - you can also make scrooges on that site too - so funny!

  5. Thanks for that list. Some fun sites there.

  6. This list of Christmas Carols with lyrics?! I might have to try -- I'm thinking about having an impromptu Peppermint Ice Cream Sundae Party on Christmas Eve. This is a great list Tea Mouse. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Season -- and that you do have a Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow, you sure did a lot of searching. Great list. I have not made the wife saver recipe before, but I have a friend who makes it regularly. We don't usually have people over for breakfast so that is probably why I haven't done it. When we have, I usually make pancakes.