Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
Here's to a wonderful 2008

Do you all make those dreaded 'New Year's Resolutions'?

Well I've made a few and one of them affects this blog.
The first thing I plan on doing is going through my recipes and patterns that I've gathered
from the nether regions and compiling them into a proper storage/filing system.
I get so frustrated when I look for a recipe or a pattern and I can't remember where I put it.
I received a wonderful CookBook from my Sis for my birthday - she compiled a book of her favorite recipes and she handwrote them into a lovely book and included cute anecdotes and her own artwork....truly wonderful! I'd like to be able to do the same and I am going to have to organize my stuff so I can do it!
So how does my resolutions this year affect the blog - well I will no longer blog at work unless all my current jobs are done(and I will not do it more than once a week at work)...this means I will probably be blogging less, hopefully 2 - 3 times/week. I am trying to decide if the Thursday Thirteen will or will not be included. For me Thursday's are hectic and putting a TT together has been very stressful.

How was your Christmas?
I received some lovely gifts and had some great family times.
My daughter bought me a soap gift set made with Ostrich milk and it's inside an ostrich oil(I know I must get a pic of that online). I have to say it was the most unique gift I've ever received.
My kids both loved their afghans! They are always snuggling up with them while they watch t.v. and my Mom and Granny loved their slippers and I finally got a chance to make myself a pair. Right now I'm taking time to knit for 'me' and this includes a sweater and some more slippers.
We had a lovely dinner with my in-law's, unforunately due to illness I was feeling really rundown by Christmas day, but we had a good meal and we sat around playing a new card game they got for Christmas.
We had them over for New Year's dinner and soon we'll have a night of just playing games(it's so much fun).
DH and I bought the family a Power Yahtzee game and we've been enjoying playing it in the evening instead of watching t.v.(what's with this writer strike anyways).

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  1. Sounds like you are going to do some great organizing. I have recipes all over, and started organizing them once or twice. Some of my recipes I can find but others is a real hassle. I find I can get the TT done, but then reading all those that visit is a problem. I only visit those not on my blog roll, who visit me as I am scrambling to get my visits done.