Monday, January 07, 2008

My Weekend of Knitting

We rented the Pirates of the Carribean #2 and 3 - I had only seen the first so far and we had a gift card to use. They were a lot of fun to watch - it's always fun to watch Johnny Depp. However we tried watching Cry Baby as we had it taped on our DVR and 20 min. into it we both decided to delete it and watch something else.
So while I watched movies I got some knitting done.
I found a pattern for knitting up placemats on the label of Bernat - it's so super easy. It's basically a seed stitch, you cast on 47 stitches and work K1 and then *P1, K1* across. Working the pattern continuously until the placemat measures 17". The finished placemat is 11 x 17. I am doing them in a pale yellow as I my kitchen colours are green and yellow. I'll take another picture of it once it's complete.

I also did up a BallBand cloth using the some self striping cotton. I love the effect of using the striping yarn for this cloth.

This one is a waffle cloth - I found it free at Bernat
It creates an almost honeycomb texture and it's so easy.
The only thing I did different was cast on 37 instead of 47 as I got a huge cloth when I tried the 47 sts.


  1. Oh I love all of these. Every time i read your blog i think of Debbie Macomber..Oh I wish I could knit


  2. those are fun to knit! i heart the pirates movies! i hope you enjoyed your time watching them

  3. Very nice. Nice colours. We watched the pirates movies in the theatre. The kids want to buy them in a trilogy. Great that you got so much done while relaxing.

  4. love the cloths, they are beautiful