Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok so now I'm REALLY COLD!!!!

Yesterday our city was hit with a blizzard - we shut our office down early and went home. (the picture on the left gives an idea of what our visibility was like) Even though the drive home was a little scary - at times we could only see 50 ft in front of our car, I was glad to be getting home. That was until I saw the lovely horrendous pile of snow that had drifted into my driveway. Yes, we do have a snowblower, but at the time the temperature was about -44 with the windchill and my DH has a cough deep in his chest and as he is prone to getting pneumonia, I offered insisted that I be the one to clear the snow. I was using my driving gloves and almost froze my fingers off, thankfully his ski gloves fit over my gloves. After that I wasn't too cold, but I couldn't see hardly at all with the blowing snow and my glasses kept fogging up. I ended up taking off my glasses and doing the best I could. I did get it all cleared and thankfully it didn't all blow back in overnight.

When I went to put our snowblower back in the garage the garage door opener wasn't working. I had to call DH out to look at it - he thought it was just dead and I convinced him that it was just too cold. He turned on the heat in the garage and in an hour or so the opener was working again. We've had to pre-warm the garage to be able to get the car out when we need it....this has never happened since we've moved there 2 years ago.

I pre-warmed my bed, thank goodness for heated mattress pads!! It was sure nice to snuggle into a toasty warm bed! I'm glad I had a nice warm sleep, because we woke up to even COLDER temperatures. It's currently -34 without windchill, but factoring the wind that is gusting at times up to 60km/hr, it feels more like -52!!!!! Folks, I don't know if you realize just how cold that is, but that is darn cold. Skin can freeze in 2 - t5 minutes if it's exposed to the elements. Looking at a chart on dangerous windchills if the windchill was -55 their recommendations for keeping safe are simply 'stay indoors'.

Unfortunately it isn't a snow day and I am at work, we'll probably have to start the car periodically throughout the day to keep it warm, thank goodness for Command Start!

I'm going to run and put on a pot of tea to keep warm - so if you thought your weather was cold today you now know it could be a LOT worse...lol!


  1. I am hearing you. We had that come in on Sunday. It has been really cold the last couple of days. This morning it was -42˚C just outside the kitchen window thermometer under the porch overhang. The dog water in the porch froze from the cold coming under the door. Wow, the tales we will tell our grandkids ;-). At least by the end of the week it is suppose to warm up to -20˚C. It will feel balmy.

  2. OMG, that kind of weather isn't fit for man nor beast, or women either! Hope it warms up soon....

  3. OH man, that just sounds painful. Do they cancel school when it's that cold? We did a few years ago, the buses wouldn't start.

    Stay warm! We have rain predicted for tomorrow...go figure.