Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #36 - Random Thoughts

-How's this for random - I'm not even centering my header and I'm doing a whole different format.You have no idea how bad I am fighting the urge to center it right now, yes I'm that much of a 'J'!

-I am picking up new projects all the time. I resumed working on my Einstein sweater for myself, began and finished 2 dishcloths and started a third after seeing the DW on Lovin Comfort Knits Blog and I'm working on a set of placemats for my kitchen. But in my head I'm planning even more and more projects. Really though, is there ever too many projects? Half of the fun is planning what you'll do next.

-I bought myself some great Pilot pens in some nice colours - turquoise, pink and violet. I have a thing stationery. One of my favorite things to do is browse the stationery stores and order supplies for work. It's even more fun when I'm not paying for it...:)!

-I'm in the process of letting my hair grow out to it's natural colour - and yes I'm a little lot grey. I've had a lot of problems with sensitive scalp and honestly I'm just tired of paying the cost to keep it all up. My DH loves me no matter what colour my hair is and in fact he's been trying to convince me to stop for years...and no he doesn't pay for the colours..he's just a sweetheart.

-On my last Wordless Wednesday post people had asked me how I did the pencil drawing photo. I modified it using Paint Shop Pro - Pencil did turn out pretty cool.

-I'm craving East Indian Food, I get to smell it cooking a LOT! I never used to be this adventurous and when I met DH so many years ago I only ate mild cheddar, mozeralla and marble cheese(boring hey)!

-For the last 5 nights I've been waking up with a start. I don't know what's startling me. I did think it was my cat 'Ginger' she comes in and out of my room all night long. I've tried closing her out but she paws at the door and it drives me nuts - yes she's in charge and she knows it too!

-We walked Oliver at the park on Sat and Sun - on Sat he was great and didn't bark too much but on Sunday...oyeeeeee he barked and had a fit at everyone. I think he's been in the house too much. It was so embarassing but I think keeping him away from people will only make this problem worse.

-I got some paints for Christmas and different art supplies. So far they're hiding in my room. I'm kind of nervous to start fiddling with them. I did mention I was thinking of taking a class at some point, but to just jump in....I'm not sure.

-Do you think a man or a woman came up with the new Always saying of 'Have a Happy Period'! Surely a woman would know that is nearly next to impossible and is the last thing she wants to see or hear when it's happening.....would someone please pass the chocolate!

-Why does time only seem to speed up when you don't want it to and slow down to a halt on a Friday afternoon as you wait for 5:00 p.m. to arrive - It's so annoying that the weekends go by so fast.

-I'll be married 20 years in 2009 so we're planning our first ever vacation...we never did the honeymoon thing. As we plan for it we're trying to decide where to go. I think it would be nice to start with a tropical trip but the hills of Tuscany also call to me. I guess we'll see what we have to spend when the time comes.

-My youngest sister is moving away this Saturday and now I will officially be the only one left here except for my Great Granny! I'm kinda bummed about it - I wish I could live nearer to my family. I would have so much fun knitting and yarn shopping with my Knitster (sis)! One day I'd like to spend a Christmas with her family - not a Scrooge to be day maybe.

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  1. Good list Teamouse and way to fight your inner voice and not center your header!

    I have Paint Shop Pro somewhere, I will have to find it and load. I can't play with my photos enough.

    Happy EE

  2. I should never type this early in the morning...

    Happy TT (not EE) I can't even think of something funny starting with EE)

  3. I so want to learn to knit, but its such a visual task. I applad anyone who does it well.

    Happy TT

  4. I love random thoughts so i thought this list was just awesome

  5. You are such a busy mouse;)

  6. Could it be that you too are a Italian loving Bollywood knitter? Tuscany, May 2009 is our plan - want to meet up?

  7. We never did the honeymoon thing and plan it for our 20th too, ours won't be until 2011. Enjoy yours.

    Get out those art supplies, I enjoy playing around.

    My list is up, not so fun as yours, but insightful?

  8. Love the pens...I am a little strange about pens...I only want to write with pens that I like...but in my house, the disappear so quickly.

    The art stuff is I learned during my sojourn at the Psych can read about my experiences on my blog. But one of the first things I did when I got out was buy some art supplies.

  9. I would love to get into painting again and cross stitch. I guess this is my time for blogging, as it is always set up and I can go for five minutes at a time. Now I am craving east Indian food, or anything foreign, especially if I don't have to cook it. I finally got a TT up for today.

  10. Not centering the header? Watch out, girl. You are going to go wild there! You crack me up with the "Always" saying. I think that they should show in the commercials what would really happen if someone said that to a woman in her cycle. It would probably be too violent for television. lol.
    I wish I was brave enough to let my hair grow out! Mine's white under the red, now. Has been since I was in my 20s.
    I'm gonna watch and see if you discover why you are waking up with a start...sounds like a good mystery story.

  11. I always buy myself lovely stationary and pens but then I end up losing them and just sending emails. Sigh.