Friday, February 29, 2008

The other man

Well not really, but I'm sure the heading had you think for a second or two. I've been with this for the last week since my hand was free of its IV.

Here it is in the process of me having to frog about 4 rows due to my mind wandering as I knit.

I have to say I was not a happy camper about frogging it as there are oodles of stitches, but the recovery went well and I am back on track. The bonus was I got to see how it looks off the needles - and it's looking great. When it's on the circular needles you just don't get a good idea of how it's turning out.

So if I'm a bit quiet on the blog front, you'll now know who I'm spending all my quality time with.

Have a great weekend!


  1. looks great, we are doing our colors differently so it should look totally different from each others I started with green moved to the blue jeany one, then a darker blue, then the blue reddish, and am now on the reddish, I increased the size of mine by about 40 stitches per side too before starting the lace. I hope it will be done this weekend!

  2. It is a work of art - I hope you feel very proud of yourself. The colour changes are very elegant!

  3. That is so pretty. I love those colours. I hope you are recovering well. Have a good weekend.