Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shrove Tuesday - pass the syrup please!

It's once again Shrove Tuesday and we will have our usual pancake supper, but we'll serve them with strawberries and whipped cream tonight for a change.

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins. It was a practice not to eat meat during Lent so the pantry would be cleared of eggs and milk, thus pancakes were served. We no longer abstain from eating meat all during Lent, this is now only required in Canada on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and recommended for all the Friday's during Lent. In our house we abstain from meat during the Fridays of Lent. It's just another way to focus on what is going on during Lent. The kids love it as they always look forward to the Fish & Chip suppers.

How do you observe Shrove Tuesday(Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday)?


  1. Until last year we never really celebrated Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday as they were meant to be celebrated. Pancakes sounds like a great tradition and I would love to borrow it for my family.

  2. I love pancakes. We don't do lent or shrove Tuesday, but pancakes would have been good for supper tonight.

  3. hope you feel all better soon..