Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Taste of India and an update

We were treated to lunch by a visiting priest. He cooked us up some delicious Indian flat breads and some curry chicken masala and some a nice green bean dish. What a treat!! I was craving curry too. We were going to have it last night, but I had to be at the ER for a treatment. He gave us tips on how to cook the dishes and we'll stop by the Indian grocery tomorrow.

Well I am off my IV...thank goodness! They took it out last night after my 6th antibiotic treatment. They then gave me a prescription for Keflex. I was on Keflex starting last Thursday and it didn't do anything - in fact the infection got worse. That's why I ended up in the ER. Well Dr. H told me that the IV was also a form of Keflex called Ancef and the reason the Ancef worked where the Keflex didn't was because the infection had got out of hand. The IV drug works better in that case as it goes right to the source of infection. I was a little surprised as the Dr. who initially gave me the IV antibiotics told me that I should never take Keflex because I am allergic to penicillin and then he placed me on it's sister drug...hmmmm!

So I now have another week of Keflex to take and I'll see my own doc next week and he's supposed to book an appointment for me to have the subaceous cyst removed as an out patient. I'm so glad! This is the third time I've got an infection in the cyst and this time I think I was in denial that it was infected and it had a chance to get a good grip on me. I sure hope I don't end up back there on IV again - not fun! It would have almost been better to have been admitted and just had the IV running constantly - having it in and only getting flushed and meds run every 8 hours was horrible. It always felt better when it had the medicine running through it...weird.

I've had very little sleep, but I woke up today with no IV and the sun is shining like crazy! We are supposed to start seeing temps of -1C so I'm really looking forward to that. It was so nice this morning to drive to work with the sun up rather than in the dark. Don't you just love the little hints of spring coming? I know for me this winter has been exceptionally long and I'm really looking forward to enjoying every moment of spring/summer.


  1. Glad to read the IV came out and it looks like you're on the mend. I've never heard of a cyst like that but it sounds so painful. I'm thinking of you!

  2. Yikes miss your last post for some reason. Sorry to hear about all this difficulty your having, hope your on the mend soon. Sounds like you already are.

  3. So sorry to read of your ailment. I have some sebaceous cysts by they have not amounted to anything. I had one years ago on my lip that I thought was my first cold sore ever. It bled when I bumped it and wouldn't stop. The doctor removed it and it stayed gone. I am so glad I have not had that severe of infection. I would hate to have to go to the hospital for treatment all the time. It is hard to heal when you aren't rested. I hope it heals up fast now that you have the right stuff and can rest.

  4. glad the IV is done, hope you get completely better very soon (we have shawls to knit, my extra yarn came last night)