Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is just too cute!

Isn't that just too adorable? I ordered some Cascade 220 in a green tea and mimosa colour so I can knit up a couple of these. You can find the pattern here at Knitting Daily for free. My sister just started on in a nice berry colour and it is looking very nice and it knits up quick so it's a good gift idea.

I went home yesterday from work in the afternoon and I think it did me a world of good as I'm coughing a lot less, it does seem like it's moving into my sinuses(but that's better than that cough any day)!

I decided to frog my spring shawl - I just didn't like it, plus it was on the 4mm Addi's I needed to start my Peddler shawl so I made one of those 'knitter reserves the right to make executive decisiosn'! I just barely got it started when I was home yesterday. I'll post more pics when I get more done.


  1. Love the colours you chose for your bag(s). You know your really into a pattern when you decide right off the bat to knit two!

  2. love the bag, just printed out the pattern

    got my Marisol today, beautiful yarn, now to get some things finished so I can start the shawl,

    My drug induced attention span though is that of a flea!

  3. What a cute bag. I love the bubbly look. I just noticed you Meez also, very cute. Sometimes one just needs to make an executive decision.

  4. I left something for you on my post today.