Thursday, March 27, 2008

Health Update

Thanks for all who have left comments wishing me well on my minor surgery! I'll give a brief update and then do another post about my new knitting projects.

I had the minor surgery done on the 17th of March under a local anesthetic, unfortunately for me the area wouldn't stay froze and three times I felt what was being done with the scalpel and had to get 3 more needles of freezing. At the end of the procedure I could still feel her stitching me up, but I had enough of the needles by then and I just waited for it to be over.

While she was doing the surgery I started feeling nauseous and my right leg wouldn't stop shaking. I drove to pick up my DH from the office and he took me home. I spent the next few days trying to sleep off the pain from the incision and dreaded the upcoming Easter weekend as I knew I had to be functioning by then.

Thankfully I was able to attend all of the Easter celebrations - the vigil was lovely!

Then came Monday - the dreaded Monday! I was able to remove the last bandages on Monday and have a shower. I don't know if it was all the anxiety surrounding the procedure or not but I felt dizzy and nauseous and I stepped out to compose myself. The last thing I remember was thinking I was about to be sick and I had passed out and had a seizure. I did this once more and DH called the EMT's. I came to and I was confused but I thought I was ok and I tried to insist they cancel the EMT's from coming. They looked me over and I thought I was fine, they asked me to sit up and I was barely up before I did it again. So off I went to the hospital where they did lot's of tests but everything came back normal. I may pass out again when I get the!

For now I am ok - my face took the brunt of it, mainly the bridge of my nose. I can't touch my face and I have what feels like a terrible sinus headache. The worst part is remembering the incident, it was quite scary and whenever I think about it I get upset.

I am hoping it was just that all of the events prior to led to me going into shock as I started to remove the last of the bandages. I have never had seizures before and I have only fainted once before and it was also after a bad accident, but there were no seizures. Those may have come because of doing a face plant into the tub.


  1. Oh my Teamouse! That must be very frightening. Hope you are back to better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about all this trauma. Hope your on the mend soon!!!

  3. Awww so sorry to hear this :o( I hope you just keep mending and this is all behind you now.

  4. That is so scary. I hope it doesn't happen again and I hope you start feeling better soon. Thanks for the update.

  5. sounds like you have been through the mill, I hope you recuperate quickly and all goes smoothly from now on!!