Monday, March 10, 2008

Tasty Treats & Fun Easter Egg Coloring Idea

I am linking to Dawn of Colours of Dawn(wheat berry salad) - Ver as she has a recipe up that I just adore and I don't think it's common enough for most people to know of it. If you haven't tried this recipe I highly recommend it. Whether you serve it as a salad or as a dessert(which is my preference) it will be a hit.

Also Easter is just around the corner - it seems hard to believe but it's true. Just last week I was at our church's Passion Sunday rehearsal. I have once again volunteered to be the Narrator for the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday. Thankfully I'm one of those people that will practice a lot, and I should come out ok. There were some interesting words like sepulchre that I had to learn to pronounce.

Well moving on - I learned a new trick for coloring Easter Eggs and it's quite fun and easy to do.

These are Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

You will need:

Hard Boiled Eggs(however many you like)
Food Coloring

Place 2 eggs at a time in the colander(this prevents them from breaking), splash them with about 1/8 cup vinegar, drip with a few drops of food coloring, gently agitate to get the eggs well coated in the coloring, let colour set for 30 seconds and then add another colour and agitate(I only use 2 colours - you can use up to 3), allow to set.

After the last colour has set, give them a light rinse with water and then let them drain for a minute or two and then set on paper towels to dry.

Looking to cook the 'perfect' Easter egg - read these tips at and you will not be disappointed. Aside from the obvious Eater egg use, hard boiled eggs make a good breakfast, lunch or snack on the go, with only 70 calories and a great source of protein.


  1. Thanks for linking to the recipe. I love it as a dessert also. I love the eggs you have pictured and such an easy technique. I think they are lovely.

  2. I'm not even allowed to read that recipe according to my diet!

  3. Those look awesome!! Happy WW my friend. Long time no hear. I hope all is well in your world:)