Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #39 - Enough of Winter!!

OK, so I've had just about enough of wiinter!!! Today it was -31 when I woke up. The normals for this time of year are around -14 with highs of -3. So far we are having the coldest March on record!

So naturally I am tired of all the cold and snow. Here are thirteen things I am looking forward to about summer.

1. Being able to wear dresses to work and not having to wear itchy nylons. Is it just me or are these things torture to wear? I've actually heard that some 'guys' wear them for comfort...What the?

2. No more winter coat! I'm tired of being dressed like the abominable snowman to run to the store to get milk. Driving in the car I feel like there are two of me as I squeeze my parka under the steering wheel.

3. Gardening! We are newer homeowners and gardening is soon becoming a favorite thing of mine to do. I even enjoy the weeding, shhhhhhhh don't tell my DH that!

4. Walks in the park with Oliver - it's so much fun to watch him running in the tall grasses, tail wagging, he just loves his walks. This time of year though his paws get too cold. I've tried boots - that was a bust. He stood there in the driveway with this dejected look on his face and wouldn't move...too cute!

5. Road trip! Road trips are the best - even if you don't go far, packing up the car grabbing some snacks and heading off on the highway is always good fun.

6. Sitting in the backyard enjoying a firepit and playing cards until late at night under the gazebo. If it gets too cold I snuggle up with a blanket and lay on the lounge chair and I could sleep there, it's so relaxing.

7. No more forced heat! My skin is so dry and it's had enough of the harsh heating we need to keep toasty warm. It's been so cold we've put a space heater in our room and now my skin is exceptionally dry.

8. Flip Flops, sandals, thongs - whatever you call them my feet like to be free of the tight laced up shoes and boots.

9. Picnics in the park and family bbq's.

10. Fresh air - this kind of goes with #7. I am anxious to open the windows and get fresh air inside.

11. Painting my kitchen. I am painting it a nice soft yellow when winter is over.

12. Longer hours of daylight. Right now there are days I could be in bed by 8:00 p.m., seriously. I need the sun to keep me up and to drag my butt out of bed in the morning.

13. All the fresh fruits and vegetables that taste oh so much better when they are in season.

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  1. I hate pantyhose so much. I just don't wear them and freeze.

  2. I can so totally relate!! I swear, like my last ten blog posts have included me bitching about winter. (And all the accompanying cold germs!!)

  3. Hi, I know EXACTLY what you're going thru! We've had 96" of snow so far this season. Fortunately for us we're just a 2 hr. drive to Phoenix and warm weather.
    I call them thongs. My daughter, rolling her eyes, says "they're FLIP-FLOPs MOM. I say "No, I wear Thongs--PLURAL--You wear A THONG. If I were to wear A THONG you would look at my behind and call it A FLIP FLOP!
    Have a great day!

  4. I am so looking forward to longer & warmer days too! I don't do well in the winter! Blah!
    Have a great day!

  5. I'm with you on 12 things except gardening. I just don't want to kill those poor plants. :) I have really brown thumps.

  6. Now I am longing for summer. I am tired of the winter coat too, same reason, and I gain some weight and it is even more uncomfortable. Same with the nylons, no comfort there, especially with added weight.

  7. MINUS 30??? Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine that.