Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bedroom Fix-Me-Up

For some reason my bedroom always seems to be the place that everything gets dumped when I can't think of where else to store it. For some reason I tend to hang on to junk. Yesterday morning it finally got to me and I went through and tidied and plucked things out of my closet that I have no business wearing unless we're doing a 90's revival. Last year we bough a decorative rod and some green panels to cover our open closet. I have a few other things to tie in the green such as my comforter set and some accessories. I got the idea while I was cleaning that I should give my end tables a pick-me-up and today I went and picked up the paint to get the job done. I chose 'Fresh Lime' in CIL Melamine and I'll give them their update in a couple of weeks. I think it will really make the room look great. Our walls are in a nice blue and surprisingly the bright green looks so good with it. I also plan to help with my clutter by buying some shadow boxes and painting them to match.

My next painting project is the kitchen. I want a yellow kitchen, not sunflower bright but not so pale you have to tell people there is yellow in the paint(which is what my MIL) thinks I should do. I am thinking I'll probably go up one shade from what she suggests.

So I obviously have spring fever and it's not time to get into the yard for gardening, what do you start to plan once spring arrives?


  1. I love yellow in my kitchen - it is a nice backdrop for the other decorative elements that I love such as red toile dishes, black wrought iron etc. I think its a great colour to use with a lot of decorating schemes. Here is a colour I just found in our sample box which you might like - it is a creamy butter yellow: General Paint Colour 7230 Translucence.

  2. Pictures!! I bet the green with those blue walls would look great. And I'm painting my laundry room a yellow. I just love yellow. I'm just trying to find the one that catches my eye right now. Yea Spring cleaning/painting!

  3. For me its so easy to clean the rest of the apartment by throwing it all in the bedroom and then it gets totally out of hand! We have a whole 4 rooms and 2 closets, its so hard finding storage for anything!!! Your plans sound wonderful!

  4. It sounds lovely. As I read about the green for the tables, I thought of the blue on your green wallpaper on you blog (but darker). I am planning to put a curtain on our closet as well. We have sliding doors with those wood slats and the slats are falling out one by one. Before we moved here, I was going to do my kitchen in a yellow. I was going for a lightish-medium yellow with ever so slight green tint to it. I love the look of new paint, but for most of my house it is too full to paint the walls. I am feeling a little like Madame Blueberry.