Monday, April 14, 2008

My Name is not Marina...

Gosh after 5 1/2 years of working here you think they'd get it - my name is not Marina!!!!! Why is it that is so hard to understand - yes it sounds similar but sheesh! Just now a lady came in and called me Marina - when I first started here they all called my by my name and some of the senior's have started calling me Marina again and they wonder why I don't look up when they call me.

I pay special attention to names and I'm pretty good at it - unless I see someone I barely know in different surroundings and then I have to really think for a bit to get their name. Why is it when you see people at places other than where you are used to seeing them you go blank on their name?

In my job there are a lot of names for me to remember and on rare occasions I'll have someone standing in front of me and I know who they are but their name just escapes me and once I actually had to ask someone to tell me their name as I needed it for a mass card and I couldn't remember it for the life of me. This generally happens on hectic Friday's - but it makes me wonder will I start to refer to people by the wrong name and have no clue! This could be me in the future.

How are you with names, do you find it easy to remember them or have you ever drawn a blank and felt foolish?


  1. I think it is pretty common to draw a blank even when you know the person quite well. My father in law has done that a number of times, and I see my husband and son are following the family tradition. They feel like idiots when they do it. Me, if I am not sure, I try not to use a name. On the other hand, I think I may have called someone by the wrong name once, maybe twice in my life, but we can always learn from those mistakes;-).

  2. Like you I am pretty good with names because I make a point of remembering. We work with a lot of building committee groups and I really think that those people feel good when I refer to them by name. In business I think it makes you look more professional if you get this small but important gesture right. There is one exception to this however, we have a neighbor down the street (a couple of ladies actually) and for the life of me I always forget one of their names - I think it begins with a J?? Whenever I think of them or see them I try to remember the J name but can't seem to put my mind to it.

  3. Teahouse, thanks for the visit and comments. I decided to let my hair go grey and I have never been sorry! My hairdresser asked me last week when I was going to let him color it again and I said never!! I think the main thing to remember if you let it go grey is to have a really nice, up-to-date haircut, and that keeps you from looking old too soon.

  4. Usually pretty good with names but now that menopause is sinking in I am finding myself a bit more forgetful I have many acquaintences who love to call me Gloria instead of Grace!! Other then the G I am not aware of anyother connection!

  5. I am horrible with names but I have a really good excuse so I have to be ok with it. It is embarrassing sure, but I find the majority of the people I deal with understand and are quite fine with it. Some of them even laugh. I know with a name like 'Joy' I have been called 'Joyce' so many times in my life it's not even funny. Seems people find it hard to believe anyone would call their child Joy LOL