Saturday, April 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

All Things Random:

Can dentists claim Halloween candy as a business expense?

Why is it that only a woman can figure out how to replace the toilet paper?

If cats and dogs fight like cats and dogs, how do brothers and sisters fight?

The more expensive the restaurant the lower the lights are.

When your in a store the sales clerk only come around when your just browsing, you never see them when you need assistance.

If you lose something buy a new one, it`s the best way to find what you lost.

If you have nowhere to go and you do up your hair, it`s perfect. If you have to go out, it never turns out as good.

You only get a run in nylons when you don`t have a spare pair.


  1. "The more expensive the restaurant the lower the lights are." Isn't that the truth. Oh and the panty hose one too!!

  2. I can relate to many of those. I think Halloween Candy at the dentist is more like a make work project.