Monday, April 07, 2008

Scale Addict

I think I need to hide my scale! Last week I decided it's time to get some excess pounds and I did the proper weigh in and measure. Since then I am obsessed, I get on the scale each morning. This is the worst thing I can do as of course the weight fluctuates considerably and if it goes up, I panic and think it's not working.

Do you become obsessed with the scale, or can you wait for timely weigh in's?


  1. I don't obsess about the scale. I just read an article about weighing yourself all the time and they say it's not a bad thing because it makes you aware and conscious of your weight. Unlike someone like me who never pays attention to their weight at all. Well I didn't before. Now it's smackin me right in the face...and I almost mean that I'm paying more attention.

  2. I haven't weighed myself in over a week because I have cleaned out the shower room. I am worried I have gained weight. I do normally weigh myself every day or two, just before my shower. It doesn't seem to help.

  3. seriously, I weigh myself 3 times a night at work.

    I have only begun that since starting WW!