Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thanks Dawn!!!

I got a parcel pick up notice in my mailbox the other day and I had no idea why...well I went and picked it up on my way home from work and I had this lovely pick-me-up package from Dawn. She even remembered that Oliver had eaten my favorite summer sandals from last year that I had bought from Avon. I believe she is an Avon dealer and she sent me some pampering items. I just wanted to say thank you so much!!! It was above and beyond and it really cheered me up a lot! Check it out below.

The sandals(which gave me a good chuckle and I'm ever so glad to have them again, I kept scouring my Avon book to see if they'd be in one of the clearance books. These sandals got so many compliments all summer from lot's of different people and they are so comfortable), Mandarin & Jasmin Body wash, Banana & Coconut Milk Body Wash(this smells wonderful), Silicone Glove Hand cream, 2 Spring Delights Lip Balm, a Springtime Emery board(so cute), A cute tea towel, Bread machine recipes, thanks so much!!, and this lovely Planet Spa, Arizona Hot Sands conditioning body treatment...this stuff is great, I've tried it before.

This was totally unexpected and I'm truly thankful! Dawn has a great blog and she's always posting wonderful recipes and more - I just found one there the other day for Ancient Grain Pancakes that I just have to try. Why don't you stop by and say hi!!

Thanks so much Dawn!!!!!


  1. You are so welcome. I have those sandals and got so many compliments on them last summer as well. I sold so many of them, and was glad to have that extra pair because the green ones were unavailable very quickly. They have some similar ones this year, but a little higher heal and brighter colours. I will be wearing my last years ones again but I might try some others too. Thanks for the kind words about my blog.