Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #42 - A Look Back

Taking a bit of a TT break - for some of you these will be brand new, and for others you can reminisce with me....enjoy and happy TT!

1. Signs of Spring

2. Thirteen Facts About Me

3. Interesting Uses for Duct Tape

4. Saskatchewan

5. Goof Ups - I have done

6. Things I Love

7. Made up Wacky Tabloid Headlines - If I wrote them

8. 13 Headers just for you!

9. Things I love about summer

10. Brain Teasers - try to answer them without scrolling down

11. Things on my desk

12. Celebrating Women - International Women's Day

13. Pet Peeves

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  1. You've had some great lists! I'm making mental notes for those weeks when I just can't decide what to write about!

  2. Some great lists and a great idea to list your lists. Some of them have been too tricky for me (brainteasers) and you have done some other ones to use thinking powers on. I am not so good at that.