Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's in your cup/glass?

Now from my blog title you can clearly see I'm a huge fan of tea. I do love tea and I drink it daily like some people drink coffee. I have my first cup in my travel mug on the way to work and then through out the day at coffee breaks and a cup in the evening. I just discovered a new tea that I love - Earl Grey Vanilla. I really only like black tea, I'm not a fan of the herbal hot beverages that claim to be That being said there are other beverages that I love especially as the weather warms up and the days begin to get hot. I love Iced Cappuccino from Tim Horton's, it's the best, Iced Tea, Margarita slushy(adult version) and now and then I like a 'good' cup of coffee. The best cup of coffee I ever had was years ago while visiting my sister in Vancouver. We stopped at a local coffee shop on the way to Whistler and it was absolutely bar none the best coffee!

I also drink wine as DH makes his own and for years I only drank white wine. I started off only liking sparkling wines and then moved to sweeter white wines and Zinfandel's and now of all things I prefer red wine. We currently have a batch of Merlot in the carboy and another one to go next. I think we should make a fruit wine before summer as they make the best wine spritzers. I'm not much for hard liquor but I will drink a nice Caesar from time to time. Gone or the days where I drink too much - now it's all social and if I have one too many glasses of wine I get reminded quick that I'm not able to drink like that anymore.

So what do you prefer to drink for hot/cold and alcoholic beverages?


  1. Good topic! Like you I am not much of a hard booze drinker. When in Paris I noticed a drink and tried it which is a combination of white wine with a spash of casis (black currant liquor). This makes a nice dainty drink. On the odd occassion I might try a fancy martini in some wild pink colour for fun and I've also had a slushy boozy drink called a Bellini.
    I also prefer black teas - especially the good british ones. On that same Paris trip I came accross a fancy tea shop and spluged on 100 grams of deejarling tea from an organic producer from India called Ambootia. I save that for very rare occasions and it is quite unlike any other tea I've ever tried.
    Regarding Ice Caps from Timmy's - you can specify they make it with 2% which tastes just as good as the normal one with is made with cream.

  2. I'm a huge tea drinker as well. Darjeeling is my choice of tea. Just love it. If I'm out doing errands I will either grab a large English Toffee from Tim Hortons or a medium Hazelnut latte from Second Cup. And because I'm a huge creature of habit I never stray from those two coffees and have never tried any other coffee at those two locations. When warmer weather hits, I LOVE Second Cup's Green Tea Chiller. A little bit of green heaven it is :o)