Friday, May 23, 2008

DLP Cat/Dog Toy

My DH surprised the family yesterday with a DLP projector. I have to say it's the ultimate way to watch big screen T.V./Movies at home. The screen is 79" and there is absolutely no distortion and the picture is so clear.

So we were enjoying watching our t.v. shows and then I noticed a red light on the screen - well the DLP's are used a lot for media presentation at meetings so it has a laser pointer on its remote. Well Oliver went crazy chasing that little red light around. I wish I had a video camera, he had no idea where it was coming from and for about 10 minutes after it stopped he was looking around the living room trying to find it.

The fun wasn't over yet, after Oliver went to bed we had Ginger going - let me say it takes a lot to get her moving. She is 13 years old and usually sleeps her days away. She was playing like a kitten. I think though, that she knew that we initiated it but once she got going she was hooked and chasing the little red light all around.

So the screen is great and an awesome way to watch a large t.v. and a bonus of a cat/dog toy too!


  1. Sounds like fun at your place! I've tagged you -see my blog:

  2. It's always the simple things that our pets enjoy.

    The projector sounds like a lot of fun. I will bring the popcorn!

  3. Anonymous3:40 pm GMT-6

    Wow...? tey come with Laser pointers on the remotes? insane awesome mann...i have one of those DLP's bu t i never realized that they have a laser pointer