Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Long Weekend and movies

Wow what a busy weekend. My mom was down for a visit(her husband is ok - they never found anything wrong) - so we had a 'chick flick' night and saw the movie 'Made of Honor', it was good as romantic comedies go, nothing hugely surprising but it was an enjoyable watch.

I had my mom over for breakfast on Sunday and I tried out my new breakfast grill, it works great. It was nice to be able to have the visiting time with her. In the afternoon we went to visit my Granny and we both brought her a gift for Mother's Day. My mom painted her a beautiful picture of carnations and roses and I bought her a nice summer nightgown that she also really liked.

The boys wanted to see IronMan and I horned into their 'guy' time and joined them last night and I am glad I did. I have watched a lot of comic book movies with DH and DS but this was by far my favorite of all of them. If you like action/comic book movies you have to check this out - the special effects are great and Rober Downey Jr. was perfectly cast as Tony Stark.

So needless to say not much was done for knitting. I have to get on track as there are a few big projects coming my way along with eventually having enough dishcloths to start my Etsy shoppe.

How was your weekend?


  1. I've been wanting to see IronMan and will probably end up renting it when it comes out on DVD. Glad to hear you liked it. Our weekend here was great. Tons of yard work done!

  2. I'll definately have to see IronMan now - sounds like fun.

  3. Anonymous3:40 pm GMT-6

    I had an okay weekend...I was on the computer quite a bit and I hd fun talking to my friends on it. Also I talked on the phone quite a bit, talking is my favorite activity other than television. Hope to watch the finale of Idol tonight though, i missed it and I recorded it on our DVR so i think i will watch it tonight!