Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Maybe I'm in the wrong business...

Years ago I worked for a local maid company - the work was well, you can imagine but the worst part was that the pay was really low. I ended up getting out of that field once I got pregnant with my DD and I had always wondered what it would be like to work for myself. Of course I thought of only the negatives and never gave it another thought, then with two kids at home I needed to work nights so we didn't have to put the kids into daycare - it was a choice I don't regret.

I recently got into a discussion with our housekeeper at the office. She does houses as well and they are averaging $30/hour to do basic housecleaning! Well I was floored - maybe I am in the wrong business. I never dreamed that you could clean up like that(forgive the pun). The nice thing about being independent - what I get from her is that she chooses the houses she does and the jobs as well as sets her own hours and of course the wage.

When you are cleaning peoples houses bi-weekly, unless they are really messy people it's just more of an 'upkeep' cleaning and it's not too bad. The worst jobs I had were the 'one-time' cleans and special project cleans(ovens, walls etc.)

Well it's food for thought anyway but I'm sure I'll manage to think of every reason it can't work rather than can as that is my personality. It would be nice to have the wage and the hours I choose but do I really want to clean other people's messes again?


  1. Don't forget to factor in that you'd have no benefits being self employed. That is one downside - we have to pay for dentist, medical premiums, all the government savings stuff like CCP etc. So there are advantages in both circumstances. I've had a cleaning lady come here off and on and it can be a pretty physically demanding job according to her.

  2. I cleaned houses for about three years until my circumstances changed. I enjoyed it. I got some exercise, made my own hours, etc. I would love to do it again, unfortunately I have bad back issues, but if I could, I would do it again.

  3. Cleaners are not cheap...or at least they aren't out in the country here....but ohhhhh so worth every darn penny they charge. I say there are a lot worse things then cleaning homes for a living. Although probably because I love to clean so I don't look at it like a lot of people do. Being able to pick the homes you want and having your hours, etc. is definitely a good thing.