Monday, June 02, 2008

My Quiet Place

My new quiet spot. I have some Noro sitting on the table just itching to become a scarf. Would you believe I am actually making that for a Christmas gift? Yes I plan that far ahead, scary hey!

The lantern is just perfect for the table, we picked it up at Winner's and it suits the table nicely.

I enjoyed some tea and Chapman's frozen yogurt, if you haven't tried it you should. It definitely satisfy's the ice cream craving.


  1. I see there are no chairs for teenagers.

  2. That spot looks perfect and oh so comfy :o)

  3. Logan-Marie3:27 pm GMT-6

    ofcourse those chairs are for teenagers! hey I would not mind sitting out there with some buds and eating gummy worms...sad part is...that was were the cushioned lawn chair was...good-bye perfect tanning spot fare well to yoo! <33

  4. Looks like a wonderful quiet place. We haven't set up anything yet for an outside quiet place, or outside anything, but hopefully soon.