Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A New Lease on Life Part II

There were some good guesses on the colour of my night tables but no one guessed it right. Here is the finished product. I put the drawers in for the picture but the paint still needs to cure a bit so I'm letting them sit in the garage a bit longer. Over all I am pleased with the results it was a fun job and the tables actually go with my decor...yes my room is green and blue, what a surprise hey! DH picked out the hardware, I had no idea what would look good on it. I think these black knobs suit it just fine. Next will be replacing our lamps as they don't go with this look at all. I'll have to find some nice black wrought iron bedroom lamps.


  1. Whoa - you got me with that one. I wouldn't have guessed green - but dang, it is funky! Nice job.

  2. Great job! I wouldn't have guessed green but looking at it, it sure is pretty :o)

  3. Very nice. With some thought, I would have guessed it. It is very similar to the colour of the chicken coop. It is probably more the colour of daughter J's two walls. I mixed that with some other colours for the chicken coop. It's a great colour.