Thursday, July 03, 2008

Childhood Favorites

Do you have some favorite treats from when you were a kid? I can remember eating sponge toffee(like what is in the middle of a Crunchie Bar) - yes pure sugar and oh it tasted sooooo good! Of course there were the obvious summer treats of a Fudgsicle or a PopSicle(preferably rootbeer flavor) and then there were MoJo's they were oh so good, I loved the green spearmint flavored one but they were all very good. I wonder if that's why I like StarBurst candy so much.
I remember eating Bar Six chocolate bar and of course a Cuban Lunch - I loved that little square of milk chocolate filled with peanuts....mmmmm! I could wash it down with a Hires Rootbeer, back when the pop was still in glass bottles - oh how I miss that! Then we could take all the empty bottles back to the local corner store and get the refund and buy more treats.Does anyone remember when Old Dutch came out with Pizza flavored chips? I remember eating them at a sleepover and my friend insisted on crumbling them on top of vanilla ice cream - Yuck! I don't know how she ate that. Not too many years later we got Hostess Chips now known as Lays.


  1. OMG - I do remember all those things. Your right the spearmint Mojos were definitely the best! And why don't they make Cuban Lunch anymore - that was one of the best!

  2. I did like Mojos but I never did like rootbeer, still don't. I didn't like Cheezies but my mom did so I sucked on them slowly to get the strong cheese flavour off, then chewed the centre. I also loved popcorn twists, but didn't really like twizzlers, still do, still don't. Thanks for the reminiscing.