Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ok I'm Awake Now

We had a beautiful ride to work this morning. I'm definitely glad to have DH back with me. Our 16km trek didn't seem too strenuous and in fact I feel much more awake than if we simply drove here.

If that wasn't enough to wake me up then the call from my DD sure was. She called in a panic, she thought our cat Ginger was dead. She had just gotten home from taking Oliver for a walk and she found Ginger in a closet and she didn't appear to be sleeping - she was adamant that she wasn't moving. DH was just getting his bike ready to head home and make the necessary arrangements(yes we have plans - I have every intention of having her cremated and having a plaque made up). Thankfully it was a false alarm. Our DD panicked and all is well. It wouldn't have surprised me as she is 12 years old - I do hope it doesn't happen when she's home alone with her as I can see how upsetting it was just to think for those few minutes that she was dead.


  1. sounds like a tumultous day at the Tea household, glad the cat is still with you!

  2. Was Ginger meditating or what?

  3. Sounds like a nice ride to work. Too bad you didn't live closer, you could be a biking partner. I cycle and go for coffee of lunch with someone then head back. Fun times.

    Too bad about the panic. I assume the cat is 12. They can live quite a long time. We have a cat that is 18 and she is still quite spry. I heard they can live to 20 easily. Unless she has health problems, she could keep going for a number of years more.