Friday, July 04, 2008

The power of prayer

Well last week my DH was away on retreat for a week - of course if you don't know us then you probably don't know how close we are. Well I did good as did he but on Wednesday a volunteer funeral lunch lady stopped by to give me flowers. She's never done it before and I believe she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. They are beautiful peonies from her garden. When I had a chance to talk to my DH I thanked him for the flowers - God knew what I needed. One of the ways DH makes my busy weeks go better is a little gift of flowers to brighten my day.

Then on Friday our morning mass group was having their usual Friday breakfast. Often DH will ask me to join and even be insistent. I had gone into the room to put something away and our boss called for me to join them for coffee - he never does that. He also wouldn't take no for an answer and was really insistent just like DH usually is.

I know that DH was praying for me that I'd be ok and these little signs made me realize that there is power in prayer and if we are aware we will see the signs of it around us.


  1. Beautiful peonies; I love how they smell. It is so true we can see evidence of God in our daily lives and he comforts us when we need it.

  2. Beautiful flowers, Tom and I are connected the same way, its such a gratifying feeling to know whereever we are what ever we are involved with, we are still linked with divine help!

  3. Just popping by to apologize that I didn't respond to your comment about my bears. I am just getting around to managing my goodness - what have I been doing??

    Anyway - I am in the process of getting etsy up and running and selling my knits on it. I do thrummed knitting kits for slippers and mittens....and I also do the thrummed slippers and mittens made up as well as socks and footies...and of course - my bears.

    Good luck with yours - I'll see you there!