Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Better Than a Warm Cup of Cocoa

This sweater is to redeem my much earlier attempt at sweater making for my DH. I had tried years ago to make him a sweater and I'm not sure what went wrong, inexperience maybe or probably more to the point lack of confidence. Whatever the case was I had to run out last minute and buy him a different gift. The sweater sat in a corner by my couch for a long time. Every time I looked at it, it was a reminder of a failure. One day I had enough of it and I gathered it up and tossed it just like that. Thankfully it was only acrylic but I know that even that was a waste.

So this year for Christmas I am going to redeem myself with this Cobblestone pullover. I found the pattern on Ravelry and then purchased the Interweave magazine that has the pattern in it. I am using Cascade Heathers in the Heathered Truffle colour and I like the reddish brown colour quite a bit. My sister made one for her son and it turned out very nice. DH is very excited about getting his first sweater(I don't think he ever forgot the botched attempt I previously made). He thinks I can work magic and was convinced I just needed to give it another try....oops!

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  1. The deep chocolate color looks so nice. I bet it's going to turn out beautiful!