Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Me and my Sister

Here I am with my Big Sis many moons ago. She was obviously taking good care of me then and today she is still very much the big sister.

I just spent 5 days with her and her family and she made me feel so comfortable with all the special touches. We both have a hard time being away from home and she went the extra mile to make it that much easier.

I am very fortunate to have such a good relationship with her that I do. When she was 11 and I was 6 she moved to live with my Dad in B.C. and I don't have memories of life before 6 so when I became an adult I made a point to get to know her again. It turns out we do have a lot in common. Recently we both have taken a keen interest in knitting and together we have tackled new projects and learned some new skills. Knitting on KAL(knit alongs) together definitely bridges the miles and it makes it feel like we are closer than we are. We often send each other 2 or more emails a day and contact each other on Ravelry to see how we are each doing on projects. No matter if we grew up together or not we are two peas in a pod and I am very happy to have her as my sister! I try to see her as often as I can, but it seems like it`s every 4 or 5 years before I fly out. This visit was so much fun. We did a yarn crawl - which included a trip to the infamous Three Bags Full or as my nephews call it Three Bags Empty,we had time on the back porch with our knitting and our tea, we had a few Hearts games of which I was overall champion, as I won one game with 4 pts, we took a ferry my first one ever to Gibsons Landing(where the t.v. show Beachcombers was filmed many years ago), had a family dinner and played Improv games and had a ton of fun. Here are some of the special touches she did to make me feel at home:

A gift basket full of items that I may have forgot and it included two new bone china tea mugs.

Here at the bedside she printed off a family picture from my recent camping trip and put some fresh lavender from her garden a nice bottle of water and some chocolates and coconut cream wafer cookies.

Isn`t she the sweetest sister ever!!!


  1. Oh I almost forgot she makes a mean vegetarian lasagna!

  2. What a lovely post! Those little touches showed such care that your visit would be enjoyable.

  3. Now THAT is true hospitality! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your sister and you had a great trip.

  4. Wow it is so wonderful you can connect with each other after not being together through your whole childhood. There is a bond with relatives and there is a lot determined by genetics. We have a niece and nephew who we didn't know growing up as they were put up for adoption. We have gotten to know them as adults and it is really cool to see the nature taking place in the similarities between them as siblings and the things that are family traits.

    She sounds like a wonderful sister and great hostess. I hope to visit her when I go to BC;-).

  5. Anonymous3:39 pm GMT-6

    omg, i wish I went there, i mtotally going next year, i dibs it i SO SO dibs it haha i hope to try the lasagna, hang out with matt and chris and like yeah have more fun that sitting at home doing chores..ugh blasted chores...grr >.<