Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Off to see my Knitster

I'm flying to see my sister today, of course I'll actually use a jet, even though these little guys look happy enough. think I'll trust an airline just a weee bit better.

I am leaving this afternoon and I am gone until Monday evening.

We both has some common interest in our knitting hobby obsession so we have plans to do yarn shopping, knitting and more.

I am going sans kids or DH so it will be an adventure. I'll take my camera and hopefully get a few nice pics to share when I get back. I was kind of bored and I scheduled a few random postings while I am away because I am nerdy like that and just realized can post now and it will schedule it and post later and that's going to be a big lifesaver come fall.

Cya Soon!


  1. Don't forget to tell them about the pink champagne and card tournament! Can't wait to see you!

  2. Have fun!!

    How do you trust your cat so close to your knitting? Nice color.