Monday, August 11, 2008

A Unique Camping Experience

Coming from Saskatchewan I always considered the prairies to be flat and filled with wheat fields. I guess I hadn't spent much time in the South West corner and I was amazed at what we found there. We camped in the Interprovincial Cypress Hills and it was just beautiful. Not only was it beautiful but we were fortunate enough to not need bug spray one time. There appeared to be no mosquitos and that was fine with me. We spent our days seeing all the park attractions from Fort Walsh to the Conglomerate Cliffs and even a winery(ok that isn't a park attraction but I couldn't miss a chance to see a prairie winery - or any winery for that manner).

We had never seen Cattle at large signs our Texas gates. I guess we've never been to cattle country before.

Here are some pictures of what we found

There were butterflies everywhere and DH got a nice close up of this one.

I've never seen a 'Cattle' sign before!

And they were everywhere - roaming at large - they got a bit concerned when I stopped and was taking pictures - maybe we looked hungry!

I've never seen this sign - but after awhile we finally figured out what they were.

We visited Fort Walsh the first NWMP depot in the West and learned about why it was established and about the famous Cypress Hills massacre. We learned of Fort Whoop Up and the illegal whiskey trading from across the border - the short distance to the U.S. made this an ideal spot for some illegal trading.

The awesome beauty of the Congomorate Cliffs was amazing!

This view shows the cliffs up close and you can see the many rocks that have formed the cliffs.

Our Campsite, nestled amongst Lodgepole Pine Trees.

The prairie Winery - one picture of their vineyard. They have a delightful place there. Having been camping I appreciated the lovely washrooms which to my DD`s delight included warmed facecloths to use instead of paper towels - a nice touch indeed.


  1. I'm NOT a camping person, but it sounds like you had a great trip & I agree that it is a beautiful location!

  2. I don't do the camping thing anymore but you sure do remind me of the good times that were had when I did. Glad it was a great vacation!

  3. We went to Cypress Hills a couple of years ago for Geology camp. It was beautiful there.