Friday, September 26, 2008

I love these slippers

I found these through my sis and then I queued them up in my Ravelry to make for Christmas gifts. For me, they are the easiest slippers I've made. There isn't any guess work, just follow the pattern and a bit of quick seaming produces nice toasty slippers that stay on the feet!

These ones are made in Vanna's Choice, dusty Blue for my MIL to put in the Christmas basket I am making for her and my FIL. I am making him a pair next in some Bernat Beralla in a nice silver grey.

They can be found here, there is another site but it seems to have disappeared, if you Google Irish Ewe you'll see what I mean. I first got the pattern from them.

However you come across the pattern if you are a knitter these make a really quick knit for a last minute gift and they use very little yarn. They say they can be done in an hour, I must be a slower knitter as I usually do one slipper per evening and that's about 4 hours total knitting time. You also don't have to use anything fancy, you probably have leftovers in your stash to make a few.


  1. I made those for my friend Rowan last Christmas and I think he really liked them. I like that they fit a lot of sizes - maybe I need a pair myself.

  2. Very cute. I'm sure your MIL and FIL will love them.

  3. those are neat! thanks for the link

  4. They look very cozy. I think I need to go find some socks to put on. I keep being reminded of my cold feet every time I go to someone's blog and see warm beaches and now slippers.

  5. great slippers and lovely shawl!!