Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Sweatin!

I stumbled upon this while browsing in Zeller's the other day. I have been looking for these on dvd for years! I was so excited. I had all of them on VHS but our last VCR bit the dust a few years ago and at the price of a new one we haven't bothered to purchase a new one as they are more expensive than a cheap dvd player and I couldn't see buying one just for the older tapes we had to play. I kept my Simmons tapes, I just couldn't part with them. They'd been good to me and I held out for some hope that we'd transfer our tapes to dvd.

So when I saw them I had to buy them. I found three and I bought them all. On Saturday morning I did it for the first time in years. It was a lot of fun and I actually remembered the moves so I wasn't stumbling around like a goof and it felt really good. I enjoy the music and it almost doesn't feel like you're working out, well until the next day. Yesterday my calves were definitely letting me know I had worked out so it is going to be very beneficial. I plan to alternate doing it every other day and hopefully I can shed some pounds in the process. Lately I've been finding my legs getting really achy and that is generally a sign that I am not moving enough so I'll see if this helps.

I called my MIL as she has one of the tapes and I wanted to know if she wanted them or knew of anyone who did. I hate to see them just tossed out as they are quite good. She's checking with her sister who is currently doing WW as she had been looking for these videos for a bit. I'm glad to share them.


  1. Haven't thought of Richard Simmons in awhile. I always thought he was a little goofy, but he has changed so mnay peoples lives in such a good way.

    Seeing his picture made me think of an old friend of mine that is a sax player, a very good one that, he played on several of Simmons tapes. If you get a chance will you look on the cover and see if he gets any credits, his name is david van such. Thanks

  2. He certainly is motivational. Hope you're loving your workouts!

  3. I like how you said it wasn't like a work out until the next day. I vaguely remember watching him on TV a few times.