Thursday, September 04, 2008

More Goodies for my Stash

Here are my newest additions to my stash. The lovely variegated is going to be a February Lady Sweater and this is some gorgeous yarn - Dream in Color Classy, very nice. The colour is named 'Good Luck Jade' and I love the haindpainted look of it, very rich. A bit of a splurge at $21.95/skein but it's worth it for the quality it will bring to this sweater. I daresay it won't be made until January with all my Christmas knitting to tend to, but I'm so excited to start playing around with it and see the colours work up.

The other yarn is from Cascade - another product that is hard to get here. One of our LYS has some colours but the price is $4 more/skein than what I got when I visited Three Bags Full in Vancouver. I have ordered it online for the same price as this but then I also have to pay shipping :(, it would be nice to have access to this store more often, although I'm sure I'd probably buy way to much!

I also bought some point protectors and some Hiya Hiya needles. I generally use Addi but it's getting freakin expensive to buy all the needles I need in the different sizes so I thought I'd give these a try. My sis says they are almost as good so I'll try them and see.


  1. Looks like your going to be busy. It resembles my stash of books to read.

  2. I looks like you have some beautiful materials to work with. I always love getting new supplies for whatever I am doing and I want to just jump right in. Probably why I don't always finish projects.