Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sister Knitting

Here is a picture of the projects me and my sister were working on together when we visited in August. Mine is the Cobblestone sweater sitting on the chair in the top picture and my sister was knitting this beautiful Liesel in a lovely handpainted Cascade, it knit up so beautifully.

If you look closely in the second picture you will see that we were having a little cocktail as we knit. She made these wonderful Italian cocktails called Campari, very tasty. We also had some pink champagne and of course tea! And the view was perfect a nice view of the ocean, isn't it breathtaking!

Some of our best moments were on these two chairs doing some fun sister knitting!


  1. What a gorgeous view. I'm not sure I would get much knitting finished.

  2. How truly beautiful

    the Silk Kerchief pattern is free on Raverly, just type in silk kerchief on pattern page and it comes up first

  3. Beautiful view, sounds like a purlfect vacation! ( corny, I know...)