Monday, October 27, 2008

Can I post every day for 30 days????

I will soon find out. I have decided to join NaBlPoMo 2008 - click the link on the sidebar for more info or to sign up if you dare.

One thing for sure you'll have lot's of great boring, interesting, boring posts from me, aren't you thrilled? No, don't answer I don't want to get my keyboard wet with my sad tears.

See you in November - I have to wrest my brain so I can think of something articulate to say - now I know what you're thinking - that will take some time, you are right!


  1. Good luck.

    I just joined a group that heads the opposite way --- Blogging Withoug Obligation. We only blog when we feel like it. LOL

    Looking forward to your 30 days! :0)

  2. Does have a guest blogger count?

    LOL, and no I did not let my teen write on my blog, just my reaction to another drama with my middle one.

    I think you can blog for a month, the posts don't have to be long!! Good luck.

  3. Good luck with that! I couldn't do it last year, and I was a quitter. Isn't that sad. YOU won't be one.

  4. Excellent! Great to see you join. It will be a fun November!!

  5. Good luck!!! I'd never have that much to say but I look forward to reading it. :-)