Friday, November 14, 2008

And the Best Christmas decorating Award goes to...

I am craaaaaaaaazy for Christmas. It started when I met my DH and saw how his family did Christmas. I remember the first time I walked into his mom and dad's house and it was all decorated for Christmas. It looked like tinsel exploded - it was awesome. His dad really did it up well. There were big tinsel ornaments hanging from the ceiling, tinsel ropes and his mom had all sorts of Christmas ornaments decorating every square inch. I truly felt like I had stepped into a Christmas Wonderland.

This was my first experience with such a joy for decorating. I remember growing up my mom's fake tree was always done up with red and gold ornaments and we might have a bit of tinsel rope around a door frame and she quite often did the fake snow on the window using electrical tape to make the windows looke like they were old fashioned - too cute! But, as I said this was my first glimpse of the kind of 'over the top' decorating that could make even the Grinch say Merry Christmas!

When we got married we continued the tradition. DH's dad gave him some of his 'personal tinsel stash' and we slowly collected some of our own. We did Christmas up really good. I remember one time we had my granny over and she said to me it's like being in Christmas Wonderland. Even at her 80+ age she felt like a little kid again. There is something magical about all the shiny ornaments and lights twinkling.

We've since moved away from all the 'tinsel town' decor and we have moved on to the pine bough and more country style of decorating - think Log Cabin. Well if I had my one Christmas wish it would be to have our Christmas in a nice log cabin nestled in the country side. All our family would be there and we'd be singing Christmas carols by the fire sipping mugs of hot cocoa or wassail(for DH) and just enjoying being together.

I still can't wait to decorate, we'll be putting up our tree on November 30 and I feel like a little kid at the thought of breaking out all the Christmas decor I've collected over the years and making the whole house feel like Christms. Even the washrooms get done up attacked with Christmas cheer.

So for me the 'Best Christmas Decorating' award will go for now to my FIL for all his years of magical decorating. I am however going to post an award for you to put on your sidebar with all the bragging rights of your own. Check back in the coming days as I'll announce the contest and all it's info such as deadline, prizes etc. Do you feel you are on par with my Father-in-Law's magical decorating? If so make sure to take the time to visit and enter. I look forward to seeing all the great decorating pictures.


  1. I can't hold a red Christmas candle to my friend....her house sounds a lot like your dear FIL's. There is Christmas cheer on every possible inch of her house.

    I love going there, but I have to sit away from the tree. There are so many lights you get too hot sitting next to it. LOL

    Happy Christmas decorating. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. A wonderful post of memories. Shiny and sparkly are magical.