Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diary of an Optimistic Dieter - A work of Fiction

November 15: Dear Diary, I am so excited about this new diet program. The fee is very reasonable after I calculated how much I do spend on stuff that's bad for me and how good I'll feel afterward. I know the extra $500 a month seems steep but it will be soooooooo worth it when I see myself all dressed up for the annual New Year's Eve Gala. Tomorrow it's off to get the groceries I need for the new eating plan, yay!

November 18: I've had nothing to eat but bananas and some vegetable soup so far, soon I will work myself up to a real meal. I can't wait to enjoy milk in my tea in a few days. Oh did I mention I am on caffeine free tea? Well my 'mentor' told me that it would really impact my loss.

November 23: I have been kind of bad about reporting here. I didn't want to write down anything negative. I had a few slip ups in the last few days. First I just had to have caffeine and I was craving some Haagen Dazs. My mentor told me to not worry about it and to keep moving forward. I am happy to say I've been on track since then. The milkless tea isn't as bad as I thought, if I plug my nose when I drink it :)!

November 25: Well it's one month to Christmas now and I am down 2 lbs. only 38 more to go until New Years. I went online to my favorite store and ordered my perfect dress for New Year's in 3 sizes smaller - here's to losing it all!

December 4: Down 3.8 lbs now - woo hoo!

December 8: Went to our first outing where 'regular' food was served. Used all my restraint and ate only the celery and carrots with no dip -oh and that one brownie. Thankfully I did enjoy my wine, I don't think that will hurt.

December 11: Went to see my 'mentor' today and I was up .3 lbs. I discussed my eating and darn it if it wasn't that wine - so scratch off wine for now. I'll have to be the life of the party oops I meant the chauffeur for the night. I have to behave this year :>)!

December 13: I've been really trying hard these last few days. I've been watching my whole family enjoy Christmas cookies, not that I've made any but all of our relatives have wanted to make sure the kids and hubby don't go without - thanks guys - just a good testamnet to my will power.

December 16: Well I have officially lost 7 lbs now. My 'mentor' has me getting up at 5:00 a.m. every day now and going for a 5km walk. Did you know that no one is up at that time of day - it was very peaceful and quiet. I would have loved to come home to a cup of steaming tea - with milk. Keeping my eye on the prize though :)!

December 19: It's getting tough to stay focused - the walks are boring as heck. I finally figured out why no one is up - it's 5:00 AM for pete's sake! Thankfully my 'mentor' has helped me with this, she told me to buy some walking tapes. I'm off to get some after work today. Oh and I packed my own lunch as I don't want to get tempted by the staff party luncheon today. I think I'll reward myself by ordering that new skirt I want, of course in 3 sizes smaller - if I can stay away from the wine and the amazing cream puffs.

December 20: Managed to not eat any cream puffs - however I did partake of a bit of wine, just one wee glass and some small pastries. I chose the tiniest ones. I don't think I broke the rule so I went ahead and ordered the skirt - I can't wait to see it on.

December 22: Scales were not in my favor today my friend - that's ok we still have 9 more days left. I can do it I'm sure of it! I'm thinking of increasing my water intake to 3 litres a day and eating only vegetable soup and one hard boiled egg each day until then.

December 24: Ok - the plan to only eat hardboiled eggs and soup might not work today. My mother-in-law makes the best cheesecake in the world and not to mention her appetizers. I'll only eat one cup of soup and drink water until tonight.

December 25: Change to plans - today is Christmas I can't not 'Not eat' Christmas dinner. I'll try to fill up more on the vegetables than anything else. Hopefully I'll be full by then and I can avoid the delicious trifle. Now to make sure my in-law's don't keep re-filling my glass of Egg Nog all evening.

December 26: Boxing Day - they should call this 'Bloated Day' I can't believe how much I consumed. I feel like I could not eat for a week and still feel full. I'm going to have to almost take that route if I want to make my new goal of having lost 10 lbs. by New Year's. I'm not worried about the other clothes I ordered, I'm sure I can lose the weight after Christmas.

December 30: Went to my weigh in today and my 'mentor' tried to keep things really positive. The scale wasn't as angry as I thought it might after my indulging on Christmas - I lost a total of 7.5 lbs. Ok, so I went up a bit and down a bit - the main thing is I lost, right? Sure it wasn't the 40 that I needed but it was a loss none the less. Besides isn't that what January is for, losing weight. I know I'll take my Christmas bonus and get a gym membership.

December 31: Had to go out this morning and buy a last minute outfit, Sure it's not 3 sizes down but as I mentioned yesterday I am going to join that gym and I'll get there every day and by Easater the new dress will fit. I think I'll buy one more just for encouragement.

Coming Tomorrow - Diary of the Pessimistic Dieter, stay tuned!


  1. LOL perfect! Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

  2. Glad to see that your dieter didn't turn into an alcoholic...tee hee.
    Pretty close to truth for some though.