Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall Back Time a Real Inconvenience

I don't change my time, we are in a Central Time Zone and it's really an inconvenience when it switches. All our shows are at a different time, thankfully with a DVR it's not a huge issue. The thine that really bothers me is the time difference between my sister and I. I used to get a morning email from her but now that she is two hours behind me instead of one I don't. When I call my mom I have to think about the hour time difference and likewise when she calls me.

Now I don't want to start switching our clocks. It doesn't make sense for our geogrphical location - I'm just venting about it.

Soon it's going to be back to the days where it's dark when we get up and by the time we get home from work it will be dark again. It's such a depressing few months all this darkness. Many people try to find ways to make it bearable, pumping themselves full of B12 vitamins, going for a fake n' bake or if you're really lucky heading for a vacation to Miami or somewhere else sunny and warm.

I will probably end up hibernating through most of it. Nesting in at night with my tea, hubby and pooch while I knit and watch t.v. and wait for the signs of the days growing longer again!

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  1. I'm just the opposite. I LOVE when we are on Eastern Standard Time.

    I hate cooking dinner when it's still daylight outside. LOL

    I guess this proves what my son says about me ... I'm one crazy old lady. ;-)