Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Knitted Hanging Towel

When I cook I am always looking to wipe my hands and I love to have a kitchen towel hanging from the stove. I've designed a few before but this one is from Kraemer Yarns and I love how they designed the shaping. It's a nice relaxing knit and it goes by very quickly. I have given these as gifts before to my mother-in-law and she always puts in a request for one each year.

Now I didn't use their yarn as it isn't available in Canada, but I had a cone of Peaches n' Cream in Christmas Ombre so I made myself a festive hanging towel. I've already got it hanging up, mostly because it goes nice with my new red kettle(from yesterday's post).

I'm sure that I'll make a few more of these before Christmas arrives for last minute gifts. I've given knitted dishcloths etc. to my kids teachers and they are always so well received and they take relatively little time and are cost friendly.


  1. Very festive and handy. I'm forever looking for my hand towels. Usually try to keep one on my shoulder like my dad use to do, but inevitably it isn't there when I need it most. Maybe should tie around my neck! lol

  2. Starting to look a little Christmasy there :)